Use Domain Names or Websites as Collateral to Secure Short Term Loans!
How does it work?
  • Fill out a loan request at no charge. Your listing will be made available to our lenders for one month.
  • If our members find that your loan request is of interest, then they will contact you with their best offer (amount and interest rate).
  • You are in control, you decide, if you accept an offer then the loan process starts, otherwise your request remains active for one month.
Loan process is 100% secure
  • Collateral digital assets are put under escrow until the loan agreement is completed. The borrower continues to use it, and will get their assets back as soon the loan is fully paid. The lender has the guarantee to get asset's ownership, if the borrower fails an installment payment.

Do you need money?

Banks don't loan money secured by digital assets. But there are people who understand their value and can lend you money if you put this asset as collateral. Let lenders compete for your loan!


Make money lending!

Interest rate is rarely under 15% per year. Compare that with the 4% (at best) that savings make while sleeping on the bank...